ASK Culture

Our Culture

“People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” – Mary Kay Ash

Not all partners are alike. At ASK Technologies Limited, we know that choosing a partner is more than just the technology. It is about long-term commitment. We know that implementing an ERP system is a big decision that impacts every part of your organization. This is why we advise clients to select a partner they trust – both in technology and in integrity. We believe relationships are based on trust, collaboration, and fun.

Step into our offices at ASK Technologies Limited and you will see brilliant minds at work. Meetings in multiple languages, developers coding, consultants brainstorming, engineers building — everyone collaborating each day to apply human brainpower and the latest technology to make our client’s business perform better than ever thought possible.

Our team is comprised of Microsoft Certified Specialists, Accountants, MBAs, Project Managers, MIS Engineers, Solution Architects, Software Developers – a fully charged staff of passionate professionals who make business enterprise system hum with optimal power.

Technology may be known as a fast-paced industry with high turnover, but ASK Technologies Limited maintains the family-centric culture instilled by its founders – which extends to our partners and customers. Each client is given personalized attention and is never treated as a template. Our company culture is why our average employee retention is over 5 years, while many of our employees stay for 6+ years (and counting). For our clients, this retention means a committed team that stays with your project from start to finish and even long after that.

There is something invisible that infuses our work. There is warmth, sincerity, humanity – a type of caring that extends beyond our roles or what is expected of us. And we continue to keep those bonds even as we grow and cast our net wider. ASK Technologies Limited cares about the community and how flourishing businesses take a part in improving it.

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