Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Business Central, one system
for life

Manage your organization in a single system and scale as you grow. Integrate to Office 365, link to Power BI, and download Apps from Microsoft AppSource.

Meet the unique needs of your organization with a modern business platform that makes it easy to tailor and extend Dynamics 365 applications—with little to no code development. Automate workflows and bring additional data insight into your business with the Microsoft business application platform.

Make smarter decisions

Bring organizational visibility by unifying your financial and business operations.

Transform your business

Stay ahead of the competition by bringing agility, simplification, and continuous innovation—without disruption.

Adapt to change

Easily tailor, extend, connect, and add applications with a modern platform and little to no code development.

Get free upgrades twice a year

Business Central online ERP systems are updated automatically twice per year by Microsoft without any intervention by users, even if there are third party apps or customer-specific customizations applied. This costs most customers absolutely nothing. The highly optimized process runs in a matter of minutes at the most convenient time for you.

Connect your business

Consolidate multiple systems into a single, connected application—one that pulls together your business processes—to save your employees time.

Make better decisions

Get a complete picture from a centralized source. Apply built-in intelligence for insights to prevent issues and deliver better customer experiences.

Start and grow easily

Get started quickly in the cloud using familiar Office interfaces and add other Dynamics 365 applications as you need.

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