Managed Services

Managed Services

Don’t ever manage a server again!

Having a Cloud solution is only part of the solution, our Managed Services group handles all your network headaches.

Choose Managed Services

Don’t buy any more servers.  We offer an Azure Cloud environment hosted by Microsoft with a service level agreement with 99.9% uptime.  Managed Services eliminates maintenance and backup headaches while allowing you to pay as you go.

Key Benefits

E99.9% SLA

With Realtime monitoring and response.

Microsoft datacenters

Data redundancy on Microsoft Azure datacenters.


Antivirus protection and management.


Point-in-time restore

Standard configuration using SQL Azure Service provides point in time restore.

SQL Maintenance

Maintenance and optimization of your SQL Server database.

Daily backup

Optional daily backup with 14-day retention policy for Azure servers.

Don’t ever manage a server again!

Click to reach someone for a friendly, no obligations chat about offloading your system administration. Take the first step towards getting rid of your servers and forgetting about server patches, backups, virus protection for your servers, database maintenance, and system uptimes.

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