Upgrade in hours

Upgrade in hours, not months

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a simplified, cost-effective upgrade process for updating your system in a matter of hours, not months.  Now you can update your system several times a year without fear instead of upgrading every three years or so.

Eliminate the pain

The base Dynamics 365 system cannot be modified by either the Microsoft partner or the end user.  Modifications, if any, are created through adding app’s from the Microsoft Store or creating code extensions that are compiled at user startup to present a unified experience.  When it is time for an upgrade, the app’s and code extensions can be unapplied in preparation for a quick upgrade of the core system by Microsoft.  Afterwards, the app’s and code extensions are re-applied to give the user access to the latest and greatest.  Cost and effort is minimal, a far cry from the traditional upgrade model for ERP systems.  Now you can put the bandages and painkillers away.

ROI’s will change dramatically 

Dynamics NAV upgrades in the past could cost nearly as much as the original implementation, if they upgrade included years of customizations.  That cost, every three or four years, had to be added on top of the annual license enhancement charge.  The cost and effort were significant enough that some companies chose to upgrade less often, in some cases, never.

Now, for the cost of the annual enhancement and a limited amount of professional services, a company can keep their Dynamics NAV system current with the latest releases, which is great news, and especially so for public companies who find themselves required to remain current on their systems.

The end result will be that ROI’s on upgrading Dynamics NAV will likely more than double, even for those companies who upgrade less frequently

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Changing business systems can be a huge deal for companies but it doesn’t have to be with our new options for express upgrades, whether you are thinking about Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Dynamics NAV.